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Marcella Delmonico and Michael FenrowMarcella Delmonico and Michael Fenrow
Sarah Marshall and Peter DraculaSan Diego, CA
Amy Moore and Robert DanteAmy Moore and Robert Dante
Riley Harrow and Tyler DardenRiley Harrow and Tyler DardenSan Diego, CA
Lindsay Day and Nic RothLindsay Day and Nic RothLexington, KY
Morgan Stone and Jeffery DeBoe
Celeste Samaniego and Isaac Deleon
Savannah Hawkins and Dalton Derr
Meghan Speckin and Justin DuffekAppleton, Wi
Penny Paton and Terry Dunlop
Payton Aho and Matthew Dary
Monica Kaufenberg and John D'Amour
kenisha Dell and Donte Green
Natalia Delle Donne and Hans Richard
Jacquelyn Heidebrink and Greg DollensJacquelyn Heidebrink and Greg Dollens
Shelby Davis and Joseph DavisShelby Davis and Joseph DavisGOOSE CREEK, SC
Katie Deimling and Zack Maroste
Heather Pettigrew and Elijah DoughertyHeather Pettigrew and Elijah Dougherty
Sara Doerhoefer and Chris LillyWichita, Kansas
Briana Reddick and Jaquan DelgardoJacksonville, FL
Jade Dunn and Nicholas Meisberger
Carrie Daniel and John Jordan
Brianna Dill and Isaiah Weatherspoon
Erin Davis and Dennis Davis
Taylor DiVirgilio and David SullivanTaylor DiVirgilio and David SullivanChadds Ford, PA
Tyler Dutton and Nicole PatrickTyler Dutton and Nicole Patrick
Nicole Dunton and Braden Bowles
Bailey Dahlke and kellan stenhaugCasper, WY
Benjamin Davis and Giselle GossageBenjamin Davis and Giselle GossageCONIFER, CO
Elzenia Dantzler and Cameron Hutcherson
Alexsis Diveney and Tremanye Williams
Stacey Dillahunty and Betsy Huey
Rachel Dudle and Connor GiegerRachel Dudle and Connor Gieger
Kimberly Givens and Bryan Digby
Brea McConnell and Darren Doye
April Dieter and Jason Becker
Aaron Butler and Keri DeBuskAaron Butler and Keri DeBuskLevelland, TX
Elisa DiLeo and Michael DiLeoElisa DiLeo and Michael DiLeo
Melissa DeMuth and Marcus SmithMelissa DeMuth and Marcus SmithChesapeake, Virginia
Devin Dehnert and John BoronkasRoyersford, Pennsylvania
LeeAnn Dillon and Bobby WillifordLeeAnn Dillon and Bobby WillifordRALEIGH, NC
Jennifer Dacus and Steve Krull
April Mason and Craig DunnApril Mason and Craig DunnMorrisville, PA
Kristen Ribaudo and Jonathan DeweesKristen Ribaudo and Jonathan DeweesSouth River, NJ
Emily Duncan and Matthew Bolt
Chelsea Reed and Jacob Durham
vytaute zubavicius and steven denizardvytaute zubavicius and steven denizard
Amira Dewitt and Raynal West
Tom Downey and Mary Kate Findley

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