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Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Romantic Candlelight Dinner

We will share a romantic evening under the stars on our honeymoon at Couples Resorts! On the beach, or in the romantic tropical gardens, we will dine in an enchanting setting including flaming torches, softly glowing candles and a walkway lined with rose petals. We will have our private waiter bring us a bottle of champagne, or we will choose exceptional wine to complement our fine dining experience in paradise. Our intimate dinner will be enhanced with a decadent Jamaican dessert making it a perfect honeymoon evening!

$170.00 each

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Trip Contribution to Couples Swept Away

Trip Contribution to Couples Swept Away

In an idyllic setting that is as invigorating as it is inviting, we will uncover the tranquility of an intimate, all-inclusive hideaway with its entire atmosphere bathed in an ambiance drenched in romance and escape! Boasting acres of breathtaking white sand beaches, fragrant tropical gardens, glistening pools and the brilliant turquoise Caribbean Sea, Couples Swept Away offers everything we could possibly dream of for the perfect honeymoon in paradise!

$40.00 each

50 of 50 available.

Romantic Couples Massage

Romantic Couples Massage

We will experience the special indulgence of a couples massage while lying side by side in paradise! Together, we will be pampered with exotic oils that hydrate the skin, rejuvenate the senses and leave us refreshed and revitalized. We want to reserve this relaxing massage early for the ultimate spa experience on our Caribbean honeymoon!

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